Converting our basement into a music studio ministry

$500 raised

$7,000 goal

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Samair Best, once a "Crossroads Kid," has big plans to convert our dark damp basement into a music studio. "I want Crossroads to have a place for neighborhood kids to create music that expresses the cry of their hearts," he says. "Writing music and then producing it gives them a voice and a music recording that they can be proud of. When I was in high school, I was longing for a place like this."

Our basement needs a complete demolition to get rid of damp sheetrock and mold. A sump pump and dehumidifiers will make sure it stays dry. After demolition, we want to parge the walls, paint, and install a new ceiling. That is an estimated $17,000. We have written grant proposals for $10,000, so we are asking for $7,000 in donations to make the difference.

For the music studio we will create a sound-proof booth and purchase a modest set of equipment for recording, mixing, and producing the music. We are budgeting $3,000 for this.

Your contribution will help convert an unusable space into a center of creativity. And, as the saying goes, "The opposite of violence is not peace, it's creativity." Violence destroys; creativity creates.

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